Stop settling for cheap alternatives that don’t even help.  They’re a waste of your time and money.

massaging shoulder and back at day spa

You need a strategic plan to correct the imbalances in your body.  The first step is finding out where your imbalances are.  The next step is finding out what is causing those imbalances.  Then the last step is using that information to develop and implement a correction plan.

Time Sensitive Promotional OfferWe are offering you a detailed examination from a doctor to show you where your muscle imbalances are and why they are occurring. Then you will receive a prescribed 1-hour therapeutic myofascial release massage to begin to correct those imbalances by one of the best therapists in Los Angeles.  She has 10 years of experience taking care of athletes, trainers, and everyday people like you.  She has developed techniques to help correct imbalances in neck and shoulders, hips and low back, and knees and ankles.  This is your solution to finally begin getting out of pain and creating a healthy balanced body again.

You will receive all of  this for just $49 if you book your appointment before September 15, 2017.

This is the BEST way to jump start your correction process!

Book right away!  There are a very limited number of massages open because our regular clients are booked out in advance so call or text right away to set up your appointment.