Back and Neck Pain

Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Whiplash


If you’re on this page it is probably because you have either suffered an injury yourself, or are researching for someone who has.  Chiropractic has been scientifically proven, and well documented to be the best treatment for neck and back injuries.  What that means is that ChiropracticMal De Dos will get you back to normal function faster and for less money than any other treatment out there.  The reason for that is Chiropractic addresses the source of the problem along with the symptoms, not just the symptoms alone.  The source of almost all neck and back pains are misaligned spinal bones that have triggered degeneration processes in their respected areas.  Over time these areas of degeneration break down so much that injuries or severe pain occurs.  When these misaligned spinal bones are restored to their proper alignment, along with addressing the various tissue damage, your pain will dissipate and your body will heal.  No other profession corrects misaligned spinal bones like Chiropractic.  If you want to prevent a spinal injury or degeneration, or heal from a previous injury, see a well trained Chiropractor


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