Pregnancy is not a medical emergency, it is a beautiful, natural, God-designed transformation that a woman goes through as she takes part in bringing a new soul into this world.  Although pregnancy is a normal phase for a woman’s life that she was created to do, there are many things that a woman can do to make it easier or more difficult.

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Since pregnancy is a natural process, it is vital that a natural therapy be used throughout the pregnancy.  Chiropractic, massage, proper nutrition, and exercise are absolutely essential for having a healthy pregnancy and birth.  As you progress in your pregnancy, your body will begin releasing a hormone called relaxing to prepare you for your delivery.  This hormone will cause the ligaments of your body to relax more and more to allow the pelvis to expand as the baby passes through the birth canal.  What this hormone also does is relaxes the ligaments of the spine, and when combined with the increased weight gain in pregnancy, this will cause your spinal bones to shift out of alignment much more easily.

It is important to see a Chiropractor throughout your pregnancy to check for spinal mis-alignments and to help relieve that spinal pressure by gently guiding it back to its proper alignment. 

This can relive spinal and muscular pain and also help with other pregnancy related discomforts.  I have had the privilege of caring for many pregnant women in my practice, along with my wife throughout her three pregnancies and home-births.

If you are pregnant or seeking to become pregnant, I would love to help you understand the natural options that are available to help you have an enjoyable pregnancy.

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